Jill Beim

Conservation & Nature Photographer

Black Ash Forests on the Brink

Black ash tree with bark removed to reveal emerald ash borer galleries

Black Ash Forests on the Brink Minnesota has 1 million acres of black ash forest wetlands that are home to a rich diversity of species such as the oven bird, golden-winged warber, pine martin and fishers. They are under imminent threat from the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect from Asia, and climate change. Because […]

The Unclaimed Prize

The coyote-raven relationship is an example of loose symbiosis. If one has found food, it’s not long before the other has joined in. Coyotes will often follow ravens to carrion, and in turn, ravens have been known to lead coyotes to carcasses too big for them to rip apart. At the carcass, the ravens will […]

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