Jill Beim

Conservation & Nature Photographer


Is there anything more awe-inspiring than the night sky? Being able to gaze up and see thousands of twinkling stars and the majestic Milky Way on a clear night is a sight that should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, due to the increasing use of artificial light, millions of children around the world are unable to experience the wonder of the Milky Way.

Artificial lights have the power to overpower the darkness and disrupt the delicate balance of our natural world, impacting birds, insects, fish, mammals, and even us humans. Thankfully, organizations such as the International Dark Sky Association are raising awareness about this issue. The good news is that, unlike other types of pollution, light pollution is reversible. We can all make a positive impact by managing and using light responsibly at night.

To learn more about how you can help reduce light pollution, visit the International Dark Sky Association.

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